Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why is it called pipeline all position automatic welding machine?

A: It can realize automatic welding at any position of the pipeline, such as overhead welding, horizontal welding, vertical welding, flat welding, circumferential seam welding, etc., also known as pipeline automatic welding robot. It is the current advanced pipeline welding automatic machine. The pipe is fixed or rotated, and the welding trolley can move independently to realize automatic welding.

Q. What are the applicable pipe diameter and wall thickness of the machine?

A: Suitable for pipe diameters above 114mm and wall thickness 5-50mm (HW-ZD-201 is suitable to weld 5-100mm thickness wall).

Q. Can the weld be detected by X-ray and ultrasonic?

A: Yes, you need to manually GTAW as root, our equipment can automatic fill and cap. The welding process conforms to inspections such as flaw detection and filming.

Q. What are the configurations of the whole equipment?

A: The fifth-generation all-position automatic welding trolley, imported welding power source, wire feeder, wireless controller, welding torch and other cables (YX-150 PRO and HW-ZD-201 integrated the welding trolley with welding feeder).

Q. Can the machine weld from the inner wall?

A: Yes, the pipe diameter needs to be greater than 1 meter, or the pipe diameter is enough for the operator to enter the pipe.

Q. What gas and welding wire are used in the welding process?

A: It is protected by 100% carbon dioxide or mixed gas (80% argon + 20% carbon dioxide), and the welding wire is solid-cored or flux-cored.

Q. What are the advantages compared with manual welding?

A: The efficiency can be higher than 3-4 welders; the weld seam is beautifully formed; the consumption of consumables is low. Even a welder with basic welding information can operate it greatly, saving the cost of hiring a large number of professional welders at high prices.

Q. Is the magnetic wheel of the welding trolley resistant to high temperature? What’s the adsorption power?

A: We tested in a high temperature environment of 300°, and there was no magnetic attenuation, and the magnetic attraction force could still maintain 50kg.

Q. How about overhead welding forming?

A: Overhead welding is the most difficult kind of welding among the four basic welding positions. It has extremely high requirements for the control of molten iron, especially for the bottom overhead welding. The qualification rate and forming are technical difficulties. Yixin pipeline all-position automatic welding equipment can solve related problems, and the welding shape is beautiful and the qualified rate is high.

Q. Which working conditions are suitable for automatic pipe welding?

A: Indoor or field (on site) construction operations can be applied; thick-walled pipes, giant pipes, stainless steel pipes, flange welding, elbow welding, internal welding, external welding, tank horizontal welding, etc.

Q. Can it be used in harsh outdoor environment?

A: Yes, it is sturdy and durable, especially suitable for the hard working environment of pipeline engineering.

Q. Is the equipment easy to operate? How to train?

A: The installation is convenient and the operation is simple. You can get started in 1-2 days if you have a basic welder. We can provide online training or even on-site training and guidance.

Q. Are there any requirements for the operating environment?

A: The working space requires 300mm space around the pipe. There is a coating or insulation layer on the outside of the pipe, it is recommended to customize the track. For pipes with a pipe diameter greater than 1000mm, it is also recommended to customize the track, the trolley runs more smoothly, and the welding quality is higher.

Q. Can the tank body be welded? Can the horizontal welding of the pipe stand up?

A: Yes, vertical or horizontal welding is possible.

Q. What are the commonly used consumables and wearing parts?

A: Consumables: welding wire (solid core welding wire or flux-cored welding wire), gas (carbon dioxide or mixed gas); vulnerable parts: contact tips, nozzles, etc. (all conventional parts are available in the hardware market).

Q: What kind of wire you use? (diameter, type)

A: Flux wire: 0.8-1.2mm

Solid: 1.0mm

Q: Is any pipe facing machine required for preparation of pipe bevels?

A: Do not need.

Q: For welding, which type of joint is required (U/J double J/V or bevel joints?)

A: V&U

Q. What is the volume and weight of the welding trolley?

A: The welding trolley is 230mm*140mm*120mm, and the weight of the trolley is 11kg. The overall design is lightweight and flexible to carry/work.

Q. What is the swing speed and width of the welding trolley?

A: The swing speed is continuously adjustable from 0-100, and the swing width is continuously adjustable from 2mm-30mm.

Q. What are the advantages of Yixin automatic pipeline welding equipment?

A: The company has focused on the R&D and manufacturing of pipeline automatic welding equipment for more than 12 years, and has passed the test of customers and the market. The product has undergone 5 generations of upgrades. The performance of the new pipeline welding equipment is stable, the welding qualification rate is high, and the weld seam is beautiful. There are many imitators on the market. Please keep your eyes open and compare the quality.

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